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About Optic Communications

Code of Ethics

Optic Communications understands that many factors contribute to its success. The most critical of these is Optic’s commitment to the fair and ethical treatment of all individuals associated with Optic; most notably, its employees and its customers. Of course, the threshold component of this commitment is Optic’s utter intolerance for conduct that does not comply with local, state, federal, and in-country law. However, Optic embodies a much broader commitment to ethical business standards and is equally intolerant of behavior and conduct that is not fair and respectful. In short, Optic demands that all its employees treat their customers, suppliers, competitors, and each other with the utmost fairness and respect in their day-to-day work. Optic expects its employees to use common sense, compassion, understanding and good-judgment in adhering to this commitment and standard.

As a safeguard and to ensure compliance with Optic’s commitment to ethical business standards, the company has invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art quality assurance monitoring systems. These systems ensure that every interaction between Optic representatives and its customers is in compliance with the ethical standards established by the company. These quality assurance systems have also proven to be excellent training mechanisms as the company continues to refine the quality of customer service received by its customers and in demonstrating to Optic customers its commitment to business standards. Optic Communications has set itself apart from other service providers in its investment of company resources and commitment to ensuring compliance with its ethical and business standards.

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